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"eBay and the eBay Logo are trademarks of eBay Inc."    With BayLister your first FIVE (5) listings are FREE!  (excluding ebay fees).   
BayLister is a desktop application designed to provide an easy and quick way to create and post auction listings on eBay. After your 5 free listings, it only costs $19.95 per year, requires almost zero user maintenance, and is packed with time saving features.
BayLister runs under ALL Windows based operating systems from Windows95 up to, and including, Windows 10.
Import your current TurboLister database
download your listings from eBay.
It doesn't get any simpler.

Are you one of those "odd birds"
that like to keep their data
in their own database --- in their own format?

(and you want a bulk lister that works!)

(Click for details.)
BayLister has a solution for you! You can import almost any comma or tab delimited data files (.csv) and map your fields to BayLister's fields. You can also create HTML descriptions for your listings, on the fly, using pre-formatted templates.

Questions?  (don't see an answer? email us -- support@raewycksoftware.com)

Sites: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ebay Motors.
Categories, Item Specifics, and shipping options for each site.
Shipping: Domestic & International, flat & calculated, 3 each.
Folders: Create your own folders to sort and classify your listings.
Bulk editing: Select multiple listings and edit any property(s), or any phrase (or snippet of text) in your description, at one time.
Free Scheduling: Use your own computer to schedule your listings over any
time period (minutes, hours, days).
Multi-seller: Set up multiple seller's in the same database.
Multi-user: Set up a networked database on a common computer for multiple users to simultaneously access one database under the same or different seller id's.
Embedded Help: All screens have Help files associated with them. Merely press
the F1 key on your computer's keyboard to see the help for that screen.
All help files may have user notes added to them, by you, for your purposes.
Upgrades: Program updates and feature enhancements are included free.
Update directly from within the BayLister program.
Assistance: Contact support directly from BayLister.
See what others have to say about BayLister.
  Click here to view BayLister's current features and future plans.


Don't you want to try it?

Our demo program is the full program with 2 minor exceptions. You can only create and upload 5 listings to eBay, and you may not delete any listings from the database. Other than that, use it all you want.

Now, for some odds and ends.

Are you a Database Guru?
Well, maybe not. Maybe you just want to know more about BayLister's database.

How does FREE scheduling work?

(Click for details.)
Want to find something on Ebay?
Want to find it quick?
BayLister has an extremely speedy, built in search function.

Less than 2 sec's to find 75 items, less than 20 sec's to find 1000 items
(these are actual test results using a hi-speed internet connection).
> All items are shown in a scrollable grid with click access to Ebay.

July 2009