R a e w y c k     S o f t w a r e

Who we are....

We're a couple of retired engineers/ programmers who've been designing, building, and programming computers since the 1950's. We didn't see any need to quit just because we're semi-retired.

We provide contract programming services for companies from small to large. Our experience covers the gamut from large main-frames to embedded micros, and darn near everything in between. Our current emphasis is on Windows based applications and the occasional embedded project.

If you need custom programming at a price you can really afford, please contact us via email at Support@raewycksoftware.com .

We specialize in very responsive applications to solve a large variety of needs, especially in managing data in widely different formats.

July 9, 2006.
November 26, 2006.

What we do....

In addition to our contract programming activities, we also do a lot of computer programming to support our hobbies and other interests, such as Drag Racing, Selling on eBay, Stock tracking, and other endeavors too numerous to mention.

Recently we put together several programs for our own use and decided to make them available to others who may have similar desires. We also decided that these should be extremely low-priced so that anyone could afford them. Our first offering in this category is called BayLister and is our solution to creating and tracking the items we sell on eBay.

Visit our web site, read what we have to say, and then download a free Demo copy of BayLister. The demo has limited functionality, but will give you a feel for how it works.

Even better, for the small sum of $19.95 US Dollars, you can purchase a completely functional copy which will be good on one machine, for one year. Each year after that will be billed at the outrageous sum of $19.95.

At this price, you really can't go wrong. Besides the price includes any and all feature improvements/upgrades for the year.