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Asked and Answered.

This is the place where we list some of the commonly asked questions along with the answers we've given out. If you have questions, which haven't been addressed here, don't hesitate to email for a quick reply. We try very hard to respond quickly. If we can't answer immediately, we'll let you know while we figure it out.
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  • Invalid or Missing Item Specifics?
  • Sample Listing?
  • Pending Group?
  • Pinkish Titles??
  • Counters, Andale,Vendio
  • Download problems?
  • Using Templates.
  • Latest Version of BayLister?
  • Invalid Request Encoding?
  • Screen Size?
  • Upload Errors?
  • Is there a "Sample Listing" I can look at in BayLister?

    Yes there is. It will show up in the Pending Group. Merely click on it to select it and then peruse the various screens and data.

    It uses 2 pictures, which are both in the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BayLister folder. The self-hosted picture is also loaded onto our website at www.raewycksoftware.com/pics/ so that you can upload this listing directly to eBay and see both pictures.

    You will incur a $0.20 listing fee when uploading. However, you can also change the data (even changing the pictures) and revise the listing multiple times to see how things work. When you're done, merely cancel the listing. It will be put in the Test category so be sure you adhere to the requirements for Test listings.

    If you have an older demo version, you may download the sample listing installer from our "Other Software" page. Merely run the self installer and then import the SampleListing.csv file into BayLister.
  • What is the "Pending" group for?

    Pending is used to hold any listings that are ready for upload to eBay. All listings to be Uploaded must be in this group when you select the "Upload" button and ALL listings in this group will either be uploaded or revised (if they currently exist on eBay, and meet eBay's criteria, i.e. - No bids).

    If you include completed listings, they will be relisted, and a new eBayID assigned, if they are less than 90 days old. Eligibility for a relisting credit will depend solely on eBay and it's policies.
  • My listings do not seem to upload and the Titles turn pink. ???

    BayLister does not do consistency checks on most of the data from the Current Tab, eBay is too inconsistent to keep track of. Instead we let eBay do the checking upon upload. If they don't approve of the data sent to them, they return an error code which we save and denote by marking the Title field in red. When you place your cursor over the Title, it will pop up the error text returned by eBay. If you get an eBay Item ID back, the listing has been accepted by eBay. It may still have problems, either minor or warning (check if the Title has turned reddish). We recommend checking the Verify box (located in the Title column) and submit your listings first. This will check them and return the listing fees for each item without actually uploading them.
  • After revising a listing, Andale/Vendio doesn't show the counts anymore.

    Go to the "Other Software" page and download the add-in for Andale/Vendio. This is a recent fix that involves a very small file for you to download and then changing your counter Preset to "Andale" or "Vendio". After that you will not see the problem, and you can also allow auto-attach to be used.
  • Help - I have downloaded the Baylister program and it appears to stall during the installation. Nothing happens after clicking on Setup.

    If you are using XP, the problem you are having is most likely in your computer. Customers who have had a similar problem in the past have found the following information to be helpful:

  • 1. There is an operating system / browser problem which is preventing you from downloading or installing a file. Here is a link in reference to your problem. http://articles.networktechs.com/413-p1.php . If you're tech savvy, this may help. If not, contact us for help.

  • 2. Setup fails or just hangs. Here is a link in reference to your problem. http://consumer.installshield.com/kb.asp?id=Q108340

  • 3. If none of the above helps, email us with your particulars (such as Op Sys, etc.). We can find a solution and get you running quickly.
  • How can I change the default HTML templates to say what I want without having to do it for each one? I want to save them so they will always be available in their changed state for each new listing.

    The templates that came with the program are saved in the database for speed in using them. We just took the ones we used and, made them general, and made them available to anyone. You can change them or add your own.

    Without a listing active (no listing selected) go to the Preview screen, select a template from the drop-down box (eg Std1x2Pic), and then use the editor (right-click/select) to modify it (or paste in the text you want) for each section. Description,Shipping, Payment, or anything else. Do this so that everything you want common is included. Now go to the Text View screen (tab) and type in a name for your new template (or leave it as Std1x2Pic) in the drop-down box and click SaveHtml.

    You'll now have your own customized html template and it will show up in the drop-down boxes on the Text and Preview screens. If you go back to the Inventory screen at this point, it will think you have created a new listing. Just tell it to discard any changes. That should make it simple for you. Just select your new template for each listing, modify the description, choose the pictures, and voila.

    You can do the same type of thing on the Current Item screen by selecting a bunch of settings that are common to a group of listings and then saving them as a Preset group by typing in a name in the Preset Data drop-down, and then clicking "SavePreset".
  • How do I get the latest version of BayLister?

    To find out what version you have, press the F3 key while BayLister is running.
    If you are using Version or later, you can check for updates right there.
    If an Update is available you can download and install it from within BayLister. This is the preferred installation method.

    To find out what the current released version is, go here.
    To download the latest version of BayLister, go here.

    If you've installed Baylister in c:\program files\BayLister, then do the unzip using the default directory setting of "C:\" as it appears in the installer. It will put all the files in the correct directories from there. It will have no effect on any preferences, settings, etc. It merely updates the program code.

    If you've done a custom install, contact us and we'll give you directions for properly installing the update.
  • What does "Invalid request encoding" mean?

    This is an error returned by eBay during upload or verification of a listing. It means that eBay doesn't like some characters in your HTML description and doesn't know how to handle them. It's strange because Turbo Lister will actually add some of these characters to your csv file when it does an export.

    To fix this, select the problem listing, go to the Text View tab, right-click on the Tab itself, and select "Repair eBay html". All the offending characters will be converted to correct html code for you. Now just Save the listing.

    If you're curious about these codes, look here.
  • I can't see all of the screen and there are no scrollbars. Help?

    You may be using some Windows based monitor settings that are abnormal and will cause your virtual screen size to expand. We've run into this with several customers just recently.

    If you are using XP:

    Right-click on the desktop and select properties. Click on settings. Set screen resolution to 1024 x 768 (or whatever you normally use). Click on the "Advanced" button and set DPI settings to normal (96) and click ok. If DPI is different than this, Windows will expand your screen size in an abnormal fashion. You may need to restart your computer for these to take effect.
    This is the normal windows mode and should work fine.
  • I get an error

    when I Verify or Upload a listing.

    It says: Input data for tag čItem.PictureDetails.PictureURL> is invalid or missing."

    This indicates that eBay can't find a URL for the picture you have specified. Either you are self-hosting and have forgotten to supply a URL for your picture, or you want eBay to host your pictures(s) and have forgotten to check EPS (the checkbox is located between the labels for "Picture1" and "Picture2").

    If this doesn't resolve your problem, merely select the listing that is giving you grief, and then press the F3 key to bring up the About screen. Click on the Report.. button, type in a short message, add your email address, and then click on the Send report button. (you may have to tab out of the email field to activate the send button).

    You may also want to send us an email indicating you've sent a report so we know to check on it. Try not to send multiple reports until we've had a chance to respond. They will overwrite previous ones if we haven't seen them yet.

  • I get invalid or missing Item Specifics error

    when I Verify or Upload a listing. Or,'this category only accepts item specifics'.

    There are two ways to specify item specifics. The old way, which was called 'Attributes' is a fairly complex method. BayLister was among the few programs to fully support attributes. And the new method called 'Item Specifics'. BayLister version automatically supports the old attribute method and converts them to the newer style required by eBay; so your older listings still work just fine. This method is not completely guaranteed but works fine in all our testing. The old attribute method required about 5MB of database space depending on which eBay site you are listing. The new Item Specific method uses over 380MB of space for the supported eBay sites. The new method is supposed to be much easier to program, so says eBay, but as you can see, the database requirements are enormous.

    By the end of May 2012, eBay says they will no longer accept the old attribute method. For your convenience, BayLister will automatically convert your old listings to the new method as much as possible. As of BayLister release, scheduled for the end of May 2012, BayLister will support both the old attributes and the new item specifics. To accomplish this BayLister will show both methods on the Item Specific screen, but only if you are editing an item that already contains the older attributes. When your older listings are edited using only the new item specific options, the old attributes will no longer show. Since most listings require a Condition code, the old attributes will show in light orange before the Condition field and the new item specifics will show after the Condition field. If some or all fields are duplicated, don't be concerned because eBay will ignore the duplicates and still accept the item to be listed.

    Note: The first time you click the 'Category' button to update categories, the new Item Specifics will also be downloaded and built. This may take 20-30 minutes on your first update, depending on your computer's speed. Subsequent updates will require much less time, probably less than a minute or two. We store all categories and specifics internally so BayLister can run off-line and not require constant, slow web access.

    If you need additional help to resolve your issue, merely select the listing that is giving you grief, and then press the F3 key to bring up the About screen. Click on the Report.. button, type in a short message, add your email address, and then click on the Send report button. (you may have to tab out of the email field to activate the send button).

    Try not to send multiple reports until we've had a chance to respond.