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Download Demo Software.

To download the BayLister Demo Package, merely click HERE.

If you receive a warning message indicating the download is from an Unknown Publisher then Raewyck Software is not in your list of Trusted Certificates. You may click HERE to download the official Raewyck certificate. Install the certificate into the 'Trusted Root Certification Authorities' section of your certificates store. This will ensure that any software downloaded from Raewyck Software came from the publisher and that the software is protected from alteration after publication.

If you experience any problems, or you want/need any assistance getting started, don't hesitate to email us. With all the different operating systems and versions of each, sometimes everything doesn't go as planned. Let us know so we can help. We actually enjoy helping people learn to use BayLister, no matter what your level of computer expertise (and it doesn't cost you anything).

Even if you decide that BayLister's not for you, how about telling us why not in an email. We'd really appreciate it.

Click here to preview whats involved in getting set-up.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy BayLister.