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BayLister has become almost a full-time job for us at Raewyck Software. We're constantly modifying and improving our product. This keeps us quite busy. Even though we're working hard, it's great fun.

We firmly believe in highly usable software at very minimal cost and desire to keep BayLister and our other programs as close to free as possible, which is why we only charge a yearly licensing fee of $19.95 US Dollars per application. Maintaining our web site, development software, and internet connections takes money. Not much, but enough that we could use your help so we can continue to devote the time and effort toward improving and expanding BayLister's usefulness. Hopefully, you will decide the program is useful to you and will help us by contributing a little extra. This is purely voluntary though - if you do not donate, you won't get less support from us.

To make it easy, we've set up the tools to allow you to donate via Paypal, using your credit card, bank account, or Paypal balance. You don't even need a Paypal account.