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Raewyck Software Support

Current users can check on program updates, download program updates, buy or renew their licenses, all from within BayLister. Just press F3 for more information. You can also contact us for help with our "Report a Problem" feature.

The current released version of BayLister is as of 5/22/2017. If you are optaining a license, please download the latest BayLister version first. To download the latest update or renew your license use the Update button on the About screen within BayLister (press the F3 key). To buy a new license or renew your existing license, please click on the License link at the bottom of the F3 screen.

IMPORTANT ------------- Please read the following :
If you have installed BayLister in the default directory (C:\Program Files\BayLister) then don't change the default directory of the update program when you unzip. The installer should indicate that the install will go to "C:\Program Files\BayLister". If you have a custom install, check with us for the correct directories to use.
We like to think we don't make many mistakes and therefore support will be easy. Hah! (We also sell famous bridges on the side.) Nevertheless, we would like to be accomodating to all and yet we know that won't happen, but we certainly will try. We do have the ability to make quick changes and updates if they make sense. We really don't have the time to take phone calls and must rely on e-mail as the primary interface for support.

If you are having problems, don't hesitate to email us immediately.

We would deeply appreciate users helping us to make this software as robust and useful as possible by emailing us with complaints, suggestions, wants, etc.

We hope to add features over the coming months based on the requests from our users. We expect to post different templates, report modules, and other features, as more BayLister users respond with their suggestions, etc.

If you're looking for a free picture hosting site, try this one. This is not an endorsement, merely a link seen on eBay's discussion boards. I've also heard that some people use PhotoBucket.com, another free hosting service.

How about an ftp client (File Transfer Protocol)? This is a program which is used to transfer files and/or pictures to a web host. Here's a bunch, including ws_ftp.

Want to see more precisely how your auction will look in it's eBay incarnation? First copy the text on the "Text" tab for your listing, copy it, then click on this link: http://auctionsupplies.com/practice/ebay.shtml.