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zon38 (1873) May-15-08

BayLister is BEYOND EXCELLENT--It was a LIFESAVER !!!!! I'm on Windows ME. Turbo died. THEN I FOUND BAYLISTER. Loaded my Turbo items into the program, and all was well. Re-do old listings. Generate New ones. Support is AWESOME! Questions get answered! Can't thank them enough. These guys are just down to earth and decent. Try it. You won't be sorry. BayLister allowed a lot of us to be compatible with Ebay again. I'm no computer wiz, and I got this program HUMMING right along. Simple, reliable and easy was what I needed...and just what I found!

winnienaynay (471) Apr-16-08

Excellent program! Support is reliable,smart,patient! Like previous reviews, Baylister is a great program and more than I ever expected. Quick, reliable, and stable. I love the built in fee tracking and the ability to create personal templates. Baylister has allowed me to learn some HTML which I find very challenging. None of what I have achieved using Baylister would have been possible without the patience of the guys behind the program. Keep up the good work guys! I recommend everyone to give it a try!

kkatnhat (951) Apr-14-08

Finally! A listing tool that actually works! Baylister is the most efficient, easy to use and reliable listing software I have ever used. It has given me my life back by allowing me to list twice as many items using less time and energy. The features and usability make it easy and less time consuming. Customer and tech support are superior, knowledable and quick to find answers to any issues! AWESOME! I highly recommend this software and Raewyck for their outstanding performances. A+

> boxerdogmom (123) Jun-18-07

Excellent Program w/ Excellent Support I had tried everything...Turbolister and several third party solutions. I needed the power to upload from my own lists, put together a good listing, and get it to Ebay without a lot of hassle. This is the program that did it all! It's easy to set up templates, make changes, get it all done fast. Most importantly, the programmers are available to help you with any snags you run into and are SUPER to work with. I absolutely recommend this software.

reregoodies (188) Feb-27-07

Easy Fast Reliable. Excellent and Knowledgeable Support I have been using BayLister for almost 9 months since I gave up on Turbo Lister. It has never skipped a beat, lost any items or given me any grief. It's definitely one of the nicest and quickest listing programs I have ever tried. Many features that allow me to create items quickly. Very nice built-in fees tracking and profitability computations. Good picture handling options. Support is excellent, knowledgeable and responsive. I am making more money with BayLister with less effort. A must use!