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"eBay and the eBay Logo are trademarks of eBay Inc." So you want to do some Html coding?

HyperText Markup Language (html) has been around since the early 1980's or longer. It is merely a way to express how you want your document to look. It uses a predefined list of attributes which may be applied to a document's text. There are many people who are quite knowledgeable in this area and enjoy telling you so.

Make use of your internet connection and Google up all the answers you need. BayLister provides a very simple way to try whatever you want. Just type it in, and go to the Preview tab to see what it looks like. While there, click on some text to open the editor, select some text and apply some of the attributes at the top of the editor page, and then save. Presto - instant view of whatever.

You can do the same with your browser. Somewhere in your browser it should say "View Page Source", or something to that effect. Do that on the page you're looking at right now and copy some of the text you see and paste it into the Text View window. Switch to Preview and see what it looks like.

We supply several templates for your use. You may modify these to your heart's content, and then save them under your own template name. Change colors, add rows to the tables, or add more columns. You can even add pictures as backgrounds. Go crazy.

The one thing to watch out for is - don't make it so complex that your pages will load slowly. That turns off an extrodinary number of people who just head for the "Back" button and mosey on. That won't serve the purpose of selling your widgets.

Screen shot showing the Text view tab with the Std1Pic Template.

tutor25 (7K)

Above shows how the "Template Maker" option enables a right-click menu to assist you in creating tagged description templates. The text above (in blue) was first selected and then the right mouse button was clicked which popped up the menu. When the left mouse button was clicked on the menu item, "Misc Text", the highlighted text was modified by adding the mtext and endmtext lines. These are used in the Preview screen to allow quick and easy modification using the pop-up text editor.

The help screens define all the tags that are currently implemented. Use these in any manner you wish, now that you know the interaction among them. Hopefully I've given you a sense of how to use this screen. You may not want to, and you certainly don't need to, but if you want to add a little pizzazz to your listings, knock yourself out.

"Template Maker" is a program option you can set via the Set-up Options screen (F5) to allow the right-click menu above. If you don't set it, you'll only see the standard "Undo, cut, copy,..." menu, even if you have selected text.

April 2007 - We just added a little clean-up feature for neatness sake. If you import listings from TL, the html doesn't retain any carriage returns/line feeds to make it easier to see (some html never had any anyway). If you right-click on the Text View tab and select Use "Wordwrap" and or "Clean Up Breaks" it will make your html code much easier to read and work with.

In addition, we've found that eBay also exports many characters in the description that are not accepted by eBay when you upload to the eBay site. If you see strange error messages from eBay when you Upload or Verify (such as "Invalid Request Encoding") then merely right-click on the Text View tab and select "Repair eBay html". This will also clean up invalid (by eBay) characters when pasting/importing descriptions from MSWord.

Don't be afraid to email us if you need a little help.