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"eBay and the eBay Logo are trademarks of eBay Inc." The Inventory Tab.

After creating one or more listings, they will now show up in the inventory sceen where you may add additional data, move them to different Groups within a folder, or to different folders (in the same Group), or, once they are acceptable, upload them to eBay. Uploading involves putting the items in the Pending Group and clicking the Upload button. If you don't see an Upload button it's probably because you have "Verify" checked and the Upload button is replaced by the "Verify" button.

NOTE: Uploads may be scheduled to occur when you want. You must leave the computer and BayLister running for that to occur.

If your Upload mode is set for direct transfer to eBay you may first check the Verify box (in the Pending Tab), before doing a Verify (the Upload button will change to Verify) to see if all is in order and to determine the fees that will be charged. Unchecking the Verify box and again clicking the Upload button,will then transfer your listings to the eBay site and download the eBay Item ID's and fees for all your listings.

It's usually a good idea to view your listings on eBay and note any minor changes you may want to make. Make the changes for each listing in Baylister and then Upload them again. Any listing in the Pending Tab in Baylister, that has an eBay ID, will not be uploaded as a new item. It will, however, be sent to eBay and revise itself.

If you use Andale (or Vendio) counters, you may use the "auto-attach" capability from them. Make sure that you have the ancillary file for Andale/Vendio in your program directory for when you do revisions. It's available HERE.

If you have new listings and listings which are awaiting revision in the Pending Group and you do a Verify, only the new listings will be verified. On Upload, both revisions and new listings are handled simultaneously.

You may want to then select the items in the Pending Group and move them to the Active Group.

The very first time you upload to eBay, you will be guided through a setup with eBay to acquire permission for BayLister to access their site on your behalf.

If your upload mode (in Startup Options-F5) is set to use Turbo Lister, that will create a .csv file in the format desired by Turbo Lister (either 1 or 2).

Screen shot showing the Inventory tab with the Pending Group of the Apples folder selected.

NOTE: You may create, delete, or rename folders. To do so, merely right-click the mouse over the "All Folders" tab and select from the pop-up menu. If you create a lot of folders, they will need to be scrolled right/left to select their tabs. Folders are shown in alphabetical order only. Each folder will contain the 5 groups shown, plus the summary list, "All".


In the above screen shot we wanted to add a note to the first item. Right-clicking on the item's title field will bring up the comments entry screen for this item. Similarly, you can right-click in almost any item data field and modify that data. Once a listing has been posted to eBay, the account information may be downloaded in .csv format using eBay's account downloading capabilities and imported into Baylister. Some of that data will be imported into the inventory grid. Once the listing has ended, final value, final price, etc. may also be imported from eBay, and if the payment was made via Paypal, Paypal account data may also be imported.

For example, right clicking in the Total Fees box of the first item will pop-up the following:


Any of the grid boxes with data may be right-clicked and the data modified, if you want. The item number column is unique in that it is a composite of the BayLister item Id and the eBay Item Id. If you right click and enter numeric data, it will only change the eBay Item Id, which is probably not a good idea. I use it to manually enter second chance auctions, although I often don't have to. If you import eBay and Paypal invoice data, the import module will create a listing for any second chance auctions it detects.

If you manually enter a date, in one of the date fields, 3 4 5 will suffice to become 3/4/2005. The program will detect your shorthand and correct it.

You may also sort your data in ascending or descending order by the Title, Start Date, End Date, Item Number, and eBay item number. Any group of data may be exported to a Baylister .csv file format for backup. Just select which group you want to backup (we always use 'All') and click the Export button. Listings may be deleted from the grid and restored, using the exported files, at a future date. Column data may be shown in summary by right-clicking on column headers. Most of this is described in the help files by pressing the 'F1' key. The Sold Price and Total Fees columns will pop-up a box showing total price, fees or profitability for all the items selected by right-clicking on the column heading label.

A couple of last points:

  • Right clicking in the Total Fees column heading, while holding the shift key down, will show a summary of profit for all items in that folder/group as long as none are selected.

  • Similarly, for any entry in the Start Price field, right-click/shift will allow you to enter an original cost for this item. The program makes use of this data only for profitability calculations, and it is kept in the database to be accessed by other programs for reporting purposes.

    Finally, the most important point. If this program doesn't do what you want, LET US KNOW! We have experienced very few problems in our usage, but we certainly don't cover every single possibility. We have made this as inexpensive as possible in an effort to bring a quality tool to the eBay community. The more user's we get, the better BayLister will become. If you experience any problems, let us know via email. We can correct bugs in less time than it takes to do the eBay shuffle. You know, the one where you clear cache, clear cookies, reboot, compact database, uninstall, and reinstall.

    But seriously, we actually use our own software and we want it to function perfectly.